About us

V-TAS is specialized in training and retraining both aspiring and experienced professionals in all possible disciplines in horizontal and vertical transport and logistics.
V-TAS is also a renowned partner in industrial and safety training for professionals in the petrochemical industry, construction, port and fire department.


V-TAS has its own experienced and expert trainers, own locations, own equipment and a very extensive own machine park.
All our locations, machines and materials meet the highest requirements and have been tested in accordance with the requirements of TCVT, CCV and SSVV.
All our employees are highly experienced and certified professionals with a passion for their profession. They transfer this passion and expertise to the candidates in an enthusiastic and thorough manner.
We can provide you with the training not only at one of our own locations, but also at your location if required, with your own equipment or V-TAS.

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Flexibility is our strength!
You determine Where, When and What training suits you and V-TAS realizes these for you.
There is also the possibility in industrial and safety training to adapt the content of the course to the needs of your company. This way we can deal with current issues,
process process changes and / or instructions in a company-specific training. This makes it more interesting for the candidates to take the course and the applicable result of the course is many times higher than with a standard course.

  • Training for and of crane operators in all TCVT categories.

  • Compulsory TCVT refresher courses - all modules and all schedules.

  • Training courses according to CCV standards - to retain code 95 on driving license C.

  • Logistical Vocational Training according to CCV and SSVV standards.

  • Light and heavy storage according to RWS and IBKI.

  • Logistical Safety training.

  • Industrial safety training.

  • Project management and advice for complex hoists and special transports.


In the approximately 20 years that V-TAS is active in the training of professionals, we have a wealth
experience and expertise gained. This enables us to give you the best advice when it comes to it
making a choice for an appropriate education.
Furthermore, V-TAS has extensive experience in preparing and supervising logistic construction site installations, fixed (tower) crane arrangements and complex lifting and / or transport projects.


V-TAS is recognized as an ISO 9001 certified company by most Dutch and Belgian subsidy providers.
The OOM – Education fund for the construction industry – SOOB, the SME portfolio and Colland.
Because we are also a recognized VTL training center, the SOOB subsidy for logistics service providers also applies to all our TCVT and CCV training courses.
V-TAS can advise you on researching your subsidy options and supervising applications and dealing with them.


In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, you can always contact us. The best thing to do is to send an email to info@v-tas.nl or send a letter to:

V-Tas BV
Nijverheidsstraat 2
5531 AA Bladel

We will contact you within 2 working days. We ensure that the complaint is resolved within 1 month. If you do not agree with the offered solution (s), we refer you to the General Terms and Conditions for the appeal possibilities.

In short, with V-TAS every education is a success!

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