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V-TAS is specialized in training and developing of  aspiring as well as experienced professionals, within all disciplines in the horizontal and vertical transport and logistic.V-TAS is also a renowned partner in providing industrial and safety courses to professionals in the petrochemical, construction, port and fire. We can not only provide training for you at one of our locations, but optionally also at your location, equipped with your V-TAS’ equipment or your own.


About us

V-TAS B.V. is a renowned education and training centre, specialized in Hoisting, Lifting, Logistics, Industry and Petrochemicals.
You can find us at our offices, located in Bladel, Susteren and Arendonk (B), but also at out trainingcentres. These are located in Oosterhout, Bergen op Zoom, Goes, Apeldoorn, Emmeloord, Hardenberg, Almere, Schoonebeek, Zelhem and Lommel (B).
Furthermore there’s also a possibilty to provide training in the comfort of your own location/company. And finally you can not only decide your own location, but you can also adjust the content of our courses. Current and relevant information can be added, so an additional value for your company is created.

At V-TAS, we will gladly give you advice, fully to your requirements and without any obligations, as well as assist you in deciding which course suits you most.
All of our courses are certified by TCVT, SSVV-CCV and recognized by most prominent subsidy providers. Also, al of our CCV registered courses are Code 95(on drivers license C) certified.


The Netherlands

  • Bladel
  • Zwijndrecht
  • Susteren
  • Wijchen
  • Oosterhout
  • Bergen op Zoom
  • Goes
  • Venlo
  • Amsterdam
  • Heerenveen
  • Schoonebeek
  • Rotterdam
  • Zelhem


  • Arendonk
  • Lommel

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