Truck Mounted Crane as Rescue Vehicle

1. Overall Education Programme
  • 'Health and Safety'-regulations
  • Stability  
  • Makin sure work site can be safely used  
  • How to choose proper tools/ equipment    
  • Special lifting devices  concerning humans, animals and dangerous substances
  • Working safely with a Truck Mounted Crane 
  • Interpreting a hoisting plan 
  • Last Minute Risk Analysis
  • Environmental/ safety regulations
  • Mass/ balance determination
  • Assist in mount faucet fittings 
  • Inspections and certificates 
  • Communication (with operator/ others near work site)
  • Hand/ arm signals 
  • Rescue Protocols regarding a Salvage vehicle, or Firetruck

2. Objectives

Participants will gain knowledge and the ability of operating the machine during deployment in emergengies safely. They also learn to rigg (unusual) objects responsibly according to the TCVT standards, while using correct tools. This course will let participants develop the ability of estimating risks to themselves or their environment. Finally they are taught how to communicate with the commanders, other emergency services, victims and others around in a professional manor


3. Maximum amount of participants

At the most we can provide this course to 4 participants per instructor per crane.

4. Resources

  • Truck Mounted Crane (minimum capacity of 10 T/M)
  • Special Hoisting equipment

5. Length of course
  • 2 days of education, including examination
    **Customised training possible.

6. Languages

This course and the exam is available in the following languages:

  •  Dutch
  •  English
  •  German
  •  French.

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