Transportation Supervisor (U13)

1. Overall Education Programme

During the theoretical part, the following subjects will be discussed:

  • History of transportation supervision
  • Exemptions
  • Infrastructure and traffic
  • Rules and signs in traffic
  • Preparing/Guiding
‚ÄčThe practical part merely exists of:
  • Communication between driver and supervisor
  • Preparing route and check-up of exemption
  • Securing other traffic during exceptional transportation
  • Applying legislation
  • Conducting width transports on licensed routes

When completing course with sufficient results, participants receive a sealed certificate. This certificate is required to apply for your transportation supervisor pass. You can do this at

This application needs to be done within 6 months after your certificate is obtained. 


2. Objectives

Participants are taught how to safely and responsibly supervise/guide exceptional transport. If participants complete the exam with sufficient results, they will be competent to guide exceptional transports in the Netherlands. They are also allowed to work as a traffic controller.




 3. Maximum amount of participants
  • Application upward of 1 participant
  • Maximum of 3 participants per exam
4. Resources
  • Truck, provided with undivisable load and width of 4 metres
  • 2 approved supervisor vehicles (at least double cabin)
  • Exemption for supervisor route

5. Length of course
  • 5 days of educationg, including exam
    **Costomised training possible 
6. Languages

This course and exam is available in the following languages:
  • Dutch

7. CCV Hours (Also min. course duration)
  •   7 hours. 
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