TCVT continuing education requirements :

Conditions are, that during the period of 5 years validity of the certificate, relevant continuing education will be followed. This condition is intended as a refreshment of your knowledge and to deepen and broaden your qualification as a engine driver/hoisting supervisor. In this continuing courses all terms as described in the certification schedules must be treated.

The following requirements are formulated for this purpose :

  • 2 complete or 4 halfday trainingsessions should be followed by a TCVT recognized educational/ trainingcentre.
  • 1 training day or 2 days halftime training should be taken in the first 36 months of the certificationperiod of 5 years.
  • 1 training day or 2 days halftime training should be followed after the 36th of the month certification period of 5 years.
  • The training followed by the participant needs to be proven. Therefore the participant receives a certificate of participation and a participation registration in his TCVT practice registration booklet .

The above applies to 'Engine Driver Mobile Crane (TCVT W4-01) obtained after 01-02-2008 and the other diagrams obtained after 01-07-2008 .

Certificates obtained before these dates may be extended in the old way (by supplying passport , TCVT booklet with sufficient practical registration and signed certification agreement with CertiFlex , costs € 142.50 excluding BTW).

More info on
Education: Code: Days: More information: Hours for code 95 CCV:
Driver Truck Mounted Crane with lifting function N61/ U18-3 4 days Click here  28 hours
Hoisting Supervisor (Rigger) N103/ U27-2  3 days Click here  14 hours
Mandatory Continuing Education Engine Driver N121 1 day Click here  7 hours
Forklift Basic  N49 1 day Click here  7 hours
Qualified Operator Forklift N51 1 day Click here  7 hours
Loading and unloading Truck Mounted Crane N98/ U17-1 1 day Click here  7 hours
Secure Transport of Charges N63 1 day Click here  7 hours
Securing Charges N16 1 day Click here  7 hours
Drivers Day N90 1 day Click here  7 hours
Practical hours Code 95 V01 1 day Click here  7 hours
Security Certificate Mobile Elevating Work Platform N109 1 day Click here  7 hours
Forklift Takeaway N59 1 day Click here  7 hours
VCA Basic N19 1 day Click here  7 hours
VCA Repetition N20 1 day Click here  7 hours
VCA VOL N21 1 day Click here  7 hours

CCV (Contact Committee Competence )

Mandatory training for professional drivers .
Since September 10, 2008 it became obligated for bus drivers to follow a minimum of 35 hours continuing education every 5 years. As of September 10, 2009 , this requirement also applies to truck drivers.

Courses by V-TAS B.V. concerning this continuing education are recognised by CCV. The hours you make, when taking this course,  apply as continuing education for keeping your drivers license, as decided in the guideline qualification.

N.B.: Drivers born before July 1, 1955 are relieved from the obligation to obtain the basic qualification and the implementation of a corresponding code 95 on the license. However, they are granted this code anyway, to avoid problems with maintainers abroad. Their exemption isn't valid abroad. These drivers don't have to follow mandatory continuing education. The end date of the code 95 is equal to the end date of the license.

CCV - Guidelines Qualification
To remain a professional driver, professional drivers are required to take up the continuing education of at least 35 hours,each five years. When these requirements aren't met, you will not be allowed to stay in your profession any longer.
All drivers license D owners, handed out before September 10, 2008 and C license , handed out before September 10, 2009 , are allowed to take their mandatory continuing education in a period of 7 years instead of 5.
This means that professional drivers :
• with a D license handed out before September 10, 2008, have to obtain a valid qualification code on their license before September 10, 2015.
• with a C license handed out before September 10, 2009, have to obtain a valid
qualification code on their license before September 10, 2016.
The certified courses truck drivers have been following since March 1, 2009 already count as mandatory continuing education.
Each driver can choose for between the CCV certified continuing education courses themselves. The only requirement remains that out of the 35 hours of training, at least 1 day (7 hours) must be used for practical training. Which courses are fitted for this practical training you can find on the Website of CBR: .  

CCV advises drivers to follow some of the training each year and not all it at the moment. If everyone would do that, a capacity shortage could be developed, which means some drivers wouldn't be able to renew their qualification before their deadline.
At the site you can see which CCV degrees, certificates and continuing education hours you have earned. To protect your privacy, you can only log in using your DigiD .
A driver that has a qualification to drive both the truck and the bus, needs only 35 hours to be followed by 5 years and not 70 hours.

Code 95 expired?
What if a driver fails to apply for the mandatory continuing education on time.
This would mean code 95 ( qualification) has expired and he can no longer work his profession. If he decides to pick up his profession again, he is compelled to renew his qualification. This can be done by taking the 35 hours of continuing education. When this is done, he will gain his code 95 again,  which means he can be a professional driver.
What do you need to do to become eligible for this?
You should contact V- , by phone: 00 ( 31 ) 497 360 305 or by mail : .
After which you indicate that you want to be subscribed into a CCV certified continuing education. Don't forget to report your citizen service number(BSN) and your birth date, without these data we can't enrol you in the ccvexamenhuis database. The hours of education will be subscribed to your license automatically.

If a course is followed we at V-TAS B.V. can register you for CCV through TOP. This should be done no later than 7 days before the course starts. The course needs to be followed between 08:00 and 22:00. A CCV-registration costs €20,- per person.


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