Transporting hazardous substances has to happen as safe as possible. Also a number of legal regulations have been set up to secure that safety. Next to knowing and considering these regulations, drivers have to know which preventive measures they should take while (un)loading. Drivers that transport hazardous substances are obligated to own a ADR-certifiate. 

This course is being held by experienced and well educated teachers. Participants receive a education map when starting this course. They can also use this map as a reference book.

1. Overall Education Programme

During the theoretical part, the following subjects will be discussed:
  • Legal regulations
  • Hazardous substances' features
  • Hazard levels of substances
  • Demands of vehicles and equipment
  • Rules for transportation
  • Personal protective gear
The practical part exist off::
  • Measures when an accident happens
  • First aid

2. Objectives

Participants are being taught about the most important legal regulations to transportation of hazardous substances and ADR/VLG. They also will learn how to apply this in practice. After they obtain an ADR-certificate participants meet the job qualifying standards set to transport hazardous substances.

3. Amount of participants

A minimum of 1 person (when the course is held in-company, there's a minimum of 4 persons)

4. Length of course
  • 1 day of education, including exam
    ** Customised training possible

5. Languages

This course and the exam is available in the following languages:
  •  Dutch
  •  English
  •  German
  •  French.

‚Äč6. CCV Hours (Also min. duration of course)

This course contains (at least) 7 hours.

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