Transporting hazardous substances has to happen as safe as possible. Also a number of legal regulations have been set up to secure that safety. Next to knowing and considering these regulations , drivers have to know which preventive measures they should take while (un)loading. Drivers that transport hazardous substances are obligated to own a ADR-certifiate. 

This course is being held by experienced and well educated teachers. Participants receive a education map when starting this course. They can also use this map as a reference book.

1. Overall Education Programme

During the theoretical part, the following subjects will be discussed:
  • Legal regulations
  • Hazardous substances' features
  • Hazard levels of substances
  • Demands of vehicles and equipment
  • Rules for transportation
  • Personal protective gear
The practical part exist off::
  • Measures when an accident happens
  • First aid

2. Objectives

Participants are being taught about the most important legal regulations to transportation of hazardous substances and ADR/VLG. They also will learn how to apply this in practice. After they obtain an ADR-certificate participants meet the job qualifying standards set to transport hazardous substances.

3. Amount of participants

A minimum of 1 person (when the course is held in-company, there's a minimum of 4 persons)

4. Length of course
  • 1 day of education, including exam
    ** Customised training possible

5. Languages

This course and the exam is available in the following languages:
  •  Dutch
  •  English
  •  German
  •  French.

6. CCV Hours (Also min. duration of course)

This course contains (at least) 7 hours.

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